Sunday, December 8, 2013

LatchKey Password Vault 1.3.2 Update Ready for Download

Our latest release of LatchKey Password Vault fixes a bug we had on first-time users unable to load the program. We apologize for this mishap during our rush to get a fix out. This latest release of LatchKey comes with bug fixes but also new features. These include:

  • New standard entry fields: expiration action, date, and URL.
  • The entry expiration logic has changed to allow individual entries to have their own expiration dates. Each expired entry can either highlight or prompt the user. Expirations are checked every midnight so long as the LatchKey application is running.
  • Application structure was refactored to support opening files via command-line, even if the application is already running. The installer now associates LKF files in Windows providing you the ability to open a new LKF simply by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer.
  • We've added the ability to compress LKF files using GZip compression. This helps keep your large password lists small.
  • Plugin libraries now support multiple plugins per DLL. You will be prompted to select the plugins you wish to load from a selected plugin DLL.
  • New export plugins for XML and HTML have been included.
  • LKF files can now be imported and appended to an existing LKF.
  • Quickly contact us via new social icons in the menu and about box.
  • Some silly bug fixes.
You can download the latest version of the software at:

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