Sunday, November 3, 2013

LatchKey Password Vault 1.1.3 Update Available

The LatchKey Password Vault application has been updated with some significant new changes. Among those are the following major changes:

  1. The main key chain file format has been modified to include a header allowing the file to be moved from one computer to another. Prior versions were unable to load due to the location in which the password salt was stored.
  2. The AES encryption algorithm code was rewritten to utilize to follow best practices for hash and input vector storage. Because of these changes, key-chain files from previous versions will not be readable. 
  3. The main window was modified to include a menu system for quickly accessing new features.
  4. A key chain entries export to CSV (comma-separated value text file) feature was added.
  5. An ability to create new key chain files as well as open different key chain files was added.
  6. New settings to set the maximum number of attempts for application entry validation was added to settings. The default value on start-up is now 3.
  7. Minor logic bug fixes.

We've got plenty of new features coming so keep coming back for more news!

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