Friday, November 22, 2013

LatchKey Password Vault Version 1.2.0 Released

Greetings friends. The latest version of LatchKey Password Vault is now available for download.

WARNING: This release will cause your latchkey file to no longer function from previous versions as we've made major changes to the file format. Also, hashes are no longer stored for validation. You will be prompted for all validation methods (password, PIN, or Pattern) before an attempt to validate your entries is made through decryption. We feel this is a minor inconvenience for a major boost to program security.

To help with this transition we've now included a new feature for importing CSV files. The CSV export feature is already available. We ask that you export your password files first to CSV, install LatchKey 1.2.0, delete your LatchKey LKF and setting files, and then run latchkey through the initial password selection process. Once finished, click the File->Import... menu option, select the exported CSV file, Click No when prompted, and your old entries will be imported into the new LatchKey file.

NOTE: Remember to delete your CSV when the import process is finished. We don't plan on having any more significant changes to the LatchKey file format so this should be the one and only time you need to go through this process.

The LatchKey Team

To download visit the project page at:

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